Platform Related Hotlink Problem In Teamwork

by GRAPHISOFT and Judit Boros · updated: 06.07.2010


In the Teamwork project in the Hotlink Manager the files are duplicated.



In the teamwork project some users are on Mac and some on PC.

For example the PC user places a .pln as a hotlink. The Mac user places the same .pln as a Hotlink. The Mac user presses send, the PC send&receive, the Mac receives. In the Hotlink Manager on the PC the .pln will appear twice because the one placed by the Mac user will be visible too.




If the PC user places the .pln as a Hotlink and uses the Send command, the Mac user Receives and places the .pln only after this procedure, the Mac user will place the .pln already from the Hotlink Cache (that was created by the PC user).

  • Duplicated Hotlinks can be avoided this way.
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