Links and paths are not changed during a restoration process from backup

by GRAPHISOFT and Ed Brown · updated: 12.29.2010

You should confirm the below are set as necessary for the restored project:

  • Libraries
  • Hotlinks
  • Publisher set save destinations
  • External drawing paths
  • Xref paths


Complete restoration to a differently named host while retiring old host

  • The restored projects will still try to access the libraries of the old host. You will have to open each project and re-link the library to the new machine to prevent this behavior. If there were hotlinks that were teamwork projects, even though these teamwork projects have been restored to the new host, you will still need to manually re-link them.

Complete restoration to a differently named host while keeping the old host

  • Often this is done to experiment “safely” with production data. It is very important in this case to prevent accidentally overwriting externally saved files. The destination of publisher sets should be changed so that the recently restored projects do not interfere with production project data.
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