BIM Server cannot be uninstalled on Mac

by GRAPHISOFT and Marton Kiss · updated: 11.04.2013 · RefID: 129349


  • The built in BIM Server uninstaller cannot uninstall the BIM Server.


  • Some BIM Server related files may be missing and that blocks the uninstallation.


  • Before manual uninstallation, back up all BIM Server databases. The default location of these files are the following, unless customized in BIM Server Control Center:

    Locate the BIM Server preference file and delete it:

    • open Finder
    • navigate to /Library/Preferences/ (this is the Library folder located in the system root not in the current user’s home folder)
    • delete com.graphisoft.BIMServer.plist

    After this run the uninstaller that should run without any problems. You can find the uninstaller:

    • /Applications/Graphisoft/BIM Server/Uninstall BIM Server alias (This always starts the uninstaller of the latest module)
    • you can start the uninstaller directly: /Applications/Graphisoft/BIM Server/Uninstall/Uninstall.BS.<modulenumber>/

If uninstalling still does not work, please get in touch with your local support for manual recovery.

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