Teamwork Known Issues

by Greg Kmethy · updated: 04.08.2014

The sub-pages of this article describe known issues discovered in the Teamwork functions of ARCHICAD.

Please note, that GRAPHISOFT regularly issues Hotfixes to address known issues -make sure your ARCHICAD is up-to-date!

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Platform Related Hotlink Problem In Teamwork

Issue In the Teamwork project in the Hotlink Manager the files are duplicated. Cause In the teamwork project some users are on Mac and some on PC. For example the PC user places a .pln as a hotlink. The Mac user places the same .pln as a Hotlink. The Mac…

Can not start BIM Server from Dock or from Applications

Issue BIM Server Control Center can not be started with its Dock, Desktop icon or from Applications. Cause Probably the BIM Server service is already running and its icon ( or ) is up in the menu bar. This is a limitation in Mac OS X, that when a service…

Display order of 2D vs 3D elements in Teamwork Projects

Issue It is possible to set up a situation in Section/Elevation Views, where 2D elements are behind a certain 3D element, while covering another one, at the same time. When you Send and Recieve in Teamwork, this mixed situation cannot be transferred to…

BIM Server cannot be uninstalled on Mac

Issue The built in BIM Server uninstaller cannot uninstall the BIM Server. Cause Some BIM Server related files may be missing and that blocks the uninstallation. Solution Before manual uninstallation, back up all BIM Server databases. The default location…