Error message: Server returns error code

by GRAPHISOFT and Tünde Ómajtényi · updated: 05.03.2012 · RefID: 127940


If you are working in Teamwork using hotlinks, sometimes the following error-message appears: Error occurred during the last Teamwork operation! Server returns error code!



One of the causes of this error message can be the following: A Teamwork user places a hotlink, then some steps later changes this hotlink to have a nested hotlink in it, but there are dimension lines, that belong to both of the hotlinks.

With a simple example:

Two or more users are working in a TW file. One of the users places a hotlink with two walls connected with dimensions. Later, while working in the module file, selects one of the walls to become a hotlink, with the command “save selection as module“. Then updates the hotlink in the TW file, which will contain a nested hotlink. The dimension line stays pointing to both of the walls: one in the hotlink and the other in the nested hotlink. Then they continue working, drawing, sending-receiving a couple of times and the error message will appear.

{i} Note: If you suspect the reason for the error message is different at you please start looking for the solution in this article: Send and Receive Errors


As a workaround -until the final fix of this bug-, we have changed the default settings of the “File/ External Content/ Save selection as module“ dialogue. The “Replace selection with this hotlinked module“ checkbox is not checked by default. This will reduce the possiblity of apearing of this bug.

If you use your own template in your office, please change this setting manually.


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