The server is not responding

by GRAPHISOFT and Greg Kmethy · updated: 08.31.2011


  • During the Add More Server process , the following warning appears:
    The server is not responding. Use the Network Diagnostic tool to troubleshoot and solve the problem.
    However running the diagnostic tools does not reveal any network problem.




  • Bad connection data stored on the client machine.


  • Find and delete the Connections.xml file from the client computer that can not connect to the BIM Server. The location of this file is:
  • Mac: /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/ConnectionInfo/<AC version number>
  • Windows 7/Vista: [SYSTEM DISK]/Users/[USERNAME]/AppData/Local/Graphisoft/ConnectionInfo/<AC version number>
  • Windows XP: [SYSTEM DISK]/Documents and Settings/[USERNAME]/Application Data/Graphisoft/ConnectionInfo/<AC version number>
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