Messaging Server Corruption

by GRAPHISOFT and Ed Brown · updated: 08.31.2011


Some or all of these problems occur:

  • ARCHICAD goes offline/online randomly.
  • Normal messages and request messages are only received if the user goes offline/online.
  • Publisher sets cannot be reserved without seeing the Editable with receive reservation status.


  • The communication database might have become corrupt.


  1. Stop the BIM server
  2. Remove the following folders (the ones you have):
    • Graphisoft/BIM Server/Server Modules/1500/TeamworkMessagingServer/data
    • Graphisoft/BIM Server/Server Modules/1400/TeamworkMessagingServer/data
    • Graphisoft/BIM Server/Server Modules/1300/TeamworkMessagingServer/data
  3. Start the BIM server
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