Troubleshooting Connection Errors in ARCHICAD Teamwork

[no_toc] These are general troubleshooting steps you should take if users are having trouble connecting to the BIM Server in a local area network (LAN) environment. General signs of possible connection issues are the following error messages: “Cannot

Troubleshooting Send/receive error messages in Teamwork

General Troubleshooting Steps when you can not Send / Receive Changes General troubleshooting steps for any case, when you have a Send/receive problem that others working on the same file don’t: Always save a PLN first, to avoid data loss. Send changes…

Teamwork Known Issues

The sub-pages of this article describe known issues discovered in the Teamwork functions of ArchiCAD. Please note, that GRAPHISOFT regularly issues Hotfixes to address known issues -make sure your ArchiCAD is up-to-date!…