ARCHICAD Installer shows error message that the Operation System on this computer is out-of-date

by Haris Matthaiou · updated: 08.22.2017
  • Issue

When attempting to install ARCHICAD 21 , the installer gives the following error message:

ARCHICAD 21 Installer detected that the Operating System on this computer is out-of-date. Installation could not start. Please install the latest updates and try again.

  • Cause

a) The computer does not meet the System Requirements  or the latest operating system updates are not installed.

b) (Applies for Windows Operating Systems only) There are Software Restriction Policies preventing ARCHICAD installer to run executable files on temporary folders that help ARCHICAD check the installed system components. Software Restriction Policies is a Group Policy-based feature that identifies software programs running on computers and controls the ability of those programs to run. Group Policy is typically managed by IT and System Administrators.

  • Solution

a) Update or upgrade your Operating System to meet the minimum requirements.

b) Modify Group Policies or temporary disable Group Policy feature on Windows for that computer, install ARCHICAD and enable it again. These changes should be executed by the staff who setup and manage Group Policies.

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