3rd party installers for ARCHICAD

by Márta Trón · updated: 06.13.2017

In this article we collected a list of additional software you may need for installing or running ARCHICAD. These were previously part of the DVD itself.


Adobe Reader is necessary to read the PDF documentation provided with the ARCHICAD.

    • On Mac a PDF preview application is part of the Operating System.
    • On Windows it must be installed separately. Clicking on this link will lead you to a download page to get Adobe Reader from.

Java: In many cases newer, older, corrupted Java versions may block the installation and uninstallation process of GRAPHISOFT products. From here you can download the Java version that was bundled with the ARCHICAD version you have.

For ARCHICAD 21 you may need the following 3rd party installers also, please click for download:

VCRedist 2010 64 bit (5.4Mb)

VCRedist 2012 64 bit (6.9Mb)

VCRedist 2013 64 bit (6.9Mb)

VCRedist 2015 64 bit (14.6Mb)

Intel XE Redistributable 2013 64  (9.4Mb)

.Net FrameWork 4.0 (48Mb)


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