WibuKey Error Reporting

by GRAPHISOFT and Márta Trón · updated: 10.07.2011

This article describes what info should be collected and sent to your local distributor to help to find the solution for your Wibu related problem:

Error Codes

Please write down the error codes at Archicad launch time: when ARCHICAD is starting or running and detects a protection related problem it displays an error message containing an error code. This error number contains 6-7 digits.

  • See an example below:


Keyplug Info

Open in your browser https://upgrade.graphisoft.com/ and click on ‘Send Keyplug Info’. All necessary information about your keyplug will be opened in your default email client.

{i} Use Safari on Mac and Internet Explorer on Windows if the site does not open in your browser. In case having problem accessing the site consult: RemoteKeyUpgrade

WIBU Driver Version

You can find this info in the About Tab Page of the WIBU-KEY Control Panel.

  • WibuVersion.PNG

Server Logs

In case you are using Network protection please send the server log too: Start the Network Server program from the Start menu\Programs\Wibu-key menu and after launching Archicad unsuccesfully go to WIBU-KEY WkLAN/WkNET Server Status by right-clicking on the Wibu-Key Server icon and click on Status… Copy the content of this, and send too. See below:

  • WibuServerLog.PNG

Content of the WibuKey, .RTC file

In case our Technical Support Engineers ask you to send the content of the key, please follow these steps:
On Mac:

  • Run WkConfig application
  • Navigate to Update tab and select the number of the keyplug
  • Click onto ‘Write Context…’ then give the number of the keyplug as the name of the content file
  • Send us the result x-xxxxxxx.rtc file.


On Win:

  • Start WkStartCplXX application (XX can be 32 or 64 depending on your Windows.)
  • Click onto the WibuKey icon on the upper left corner of the window and select ‘Advanced Mode’
  • Navigate to ‘WIBU-BOX Context’ tab
  • Select the number of your keyplug from the ‘WIBU-BOX Tree’
  • Browse for a location where you would like to save the file, enter the keyplug number as file name (do not change the file type from ‘Remote Context File’ -.rtc)
  • Click onto Apply
  • Send us the result x-xxxxxxx.rtc file.WibuContentWin01.jpg
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