Invisible Hardware Keys on Windows 10 Platform

by Abdullahi Hussaini · updated: 01.24.2018

Affected version: CodeMeter keys with old firmware | Severity: Solution applicable | ID: TT #231479


Users on CodeMeter version 6.40b or above may experience recognition delays when the CodeMeter key with ARCHICAD license is plugged into a machine on Windows 10. The CodeMeter key would only appear in CodeMeter Control Center in 10 -15minutes after plugged in.


Outdated CodeMeter firmware.


Affected Codemter Key has firmware 1.14 or earlier.

  • Open CodeMeter Control Center from Application/CodeMeter
  • Click on your Key
  • Check the version, if it is the same as stated above then click near it to update it

 Important: Firmware update might take several minutes, please do not interrupt the process.

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