Invalid SSA after Downloading Software Key

by Tamás Gáspár · updated: 01.31.2018

Affected versions: all versions | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: #233430

{i} Note: This issue it is expected to be fixed in an upcoming Update to ARCHICAD 21.


After downloading a software key, SSA status of the license is inactive, therefore the SSA dependent add-ons do not function.


If ARCHICAD is started right after downloading a software key to the machine, the SSA status of the license does not have enough time to be synchronized. This means that right after downloading the license, SSA status is unknown for some minutes. This can cause the SSA depend add-ons not to function.


A workaround is applicable: browse to ARCHICAD Help menu > License Information, and select the Validate SSA Status… on the appearing window. After clicking on this, ARCHICAD synchronizes the license with the SSA state. This should not take more than couple of minutes. After this process, a notification tells that ARCHICAD should be restarted to finalize the change.

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