How to configure CodeMeter Hardware key as HID (Human interface Device)?

by Gábor Almási · updated: 12.20.2017

Starting with version 5.0, CodeMeter driver supports devices that conform to the USB Human Interface Device (HID) class specification. As an alternative option to the Mass Storage Device status, CodeMeter hardware keys can now be displayed as HID without a drive status.


ARCHICAD 19 Update 9001, and upcoming ARCHICAD 20 and 21 updates will automatically update the detected hardware keys.

Firmware update

CodeMeter Firmware version must be at least 2.02.

If your key’s Firmware version is lower than 2.02, then:

  • Open CodeMeter Control Center from Application/CodeMeter
  • Click on your key
  • Check the version, and if it is lower than 2.02 then click the icon near that to update the firmware

/!\ Important: Firmware update might take several minutes, please do not interrupt the process.

/!\ For older CodeMeter hardware keys with a specific controller version, there is no firmware version 2.x, because these controllers do not possess sufficient memory for the changed firmware update procedure that was introduced as part of version 2.0.

Configuration as HID

    • Open Terminal
    • Type the following command and press Enter: cmu ‑‑serial 2-xxxxxxx ‑‑set-config-disk HidCommunication

Where 2xxxxxxx is the serial number of your Hardware key displayed in CodeMeter Control Center


  • As it prompts in the Terminal, unplug and re-plug the CodeMeter key back in.
  • Finish.



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