Apply Button does not Work in CodeMeter WebAdmin

by GRAPHISOFT and Csaba Kézér · updated: 06.17.2016 · RefID: 156108


Apply button in the CodeMeter WebAdmin does not take effect with the CodeMeter Driver version 5.0a (shipped with ARCHICAD 17), for example in the Server Search list.

Server Search list

This can result in ARCHICAD using a license from the machine set in the list previously regardless of the current order.

If the Server Search List was empty and a server name is added where there is no license ARCHICAD crashes at startup until the CodeMeter Service is restarted.

{i} The issue appears only if ARCHICAD was started before/is running during the changes are made.


This is an issue on WIBU’s side due to a change made for Driver version 5.0a


Install the latest CodeMeter Driver from GRAPHISOFT’s site.

With version 5.10a in order to Apply the changes the CodeMeter Service needs to be restarted.

On Windows open the CodeMeter Control Center and go to Process/Stop CodeMeter Service, then Start CodeMeter Service

stop and start service

On OS X click on the Stop Service button, then on the Start Service button

stop and start service

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