Cursor is dislocated in ARCHICAD 20 Update 7001 if the display is scaled up in Windows

by Emőke Csikós · updated: 02.22.2018

Affected versions: ARCHICAD 20 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 241225

The issue is fixed in the ARCHICAD 20 update 7005.


The cursor in ARCHICAD 20 build 7001 became dislocated, making it hard to work accurately, if the display is scaled up (larger than 100%) in Display Settings.

This means that the hotspot of the cursor is always distanced from the tip of it, it is not where it seems to be. This is what it looks like:

Click on the square symbol in the lower right corner to watch the video in full screen.


The images used for displaying the many different types of cursors were not scaled up properly following the scaling of the screen. Certain coordinates of these images are also incorrect.


If you run into this issue, these are the options you can consider choosing from:

  1. change the scaling of your screen back to 100%
  2. go back to the previous build of ARCHICAD 20
  3. migrate your project to ARCHICAD 21. The problem is not present in ARCHICAD 21.
  4. increase the Cursor Snap Range to 9 pixels (by default it is 5 pixels) in Options > Work Environment > User Preference Schemes > Input Constraints and Guides so the distance between the actual hotspot of the cursor and its visible tip or center will in most cases fall within the Snap Range of the cursor. (You may need to use the Tab key to toggle among elements to select which one to snap to.)

Please note that if you keep in mind that the actual cursor is a bit distanced from where it appears and you pay attention to the feedback of the cursor, you can still work precisely.

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