Permanent Guides and Snap Guides – Troubleshooting Guide

by Ákos Karóczkai · updated: 04.29.2015

Permanent Guides issues

Parallel snap indicator doesn’t appear with a Permanent Guide


The Snap Guide’s parallel indicator doesn’t appear when trying to draw a parallel to a Permanent Guide

parallel snap indicator on


Workaround: Apply a Snap Guide to the Permanent Guide. Now the parallel indicator will be visible

parallel snap indicator off

Placed Permanent Guide moving issue


Moving an already placed Permanent Guide does not work like moving a cut plane. (Click-drag-release method instead of Click-drag-click method)

perm guide dragging


Workaround: Hold down the primary mouse button while dragging.

Moving the cursor to the Permanent Guide tab can break input

Moving the cursor to the Create Permanent Guide tab while placing a chain of walls can break the wall input


Workaround: Avoid using the problematic tab, while creating walls, or place the needed Permanent Guides before creating walls.

Drag multiple copies not working with Permanent guides


Dragging Multiple copies of Permanent guides is not working yet (It uses the same program mechanics as the 3D cut planes.)


Workaround: Use the “Drag a copy” multiple times (with the ALT on Mac or with the CTRL on Windows platform)

Good to know

  • It is not possible to undo the placing of a Permanent Guide (just as in the case of placing 3D cut planes)
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