Rotated Survey Point causes explosion of elements in Solibri

by Gordana Radonić · updated: 09.28.2016

Affected version: 20 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 214661

{i} Note: This issue is planned to be fixed within an ARCHICAD 20 Update.survey-pointcorrect-ifc-view-solibri


Placing Survey Point in the ARCHICAD model can cause exploding of Composite and Complex Profile elements when IFC is exported to Solibri Model Viewer. This happens when Survey Point follows Project North orientation and Project North Angle is set different than 90 degrees.



Building Element Parts’ relative placement compared to the Wall is shifted in Solibri MV when Survey Point Mode is on.


Changing Translator settings when exporting IFC from ARCHICAD can give correct display of the model in Solibri Model Viewer. “Building elements parts” option for Multi-skin complex geometries should be chosen over “Complex profiles” (IFC Translation Setup > EXPORT OPTIONS > Conversion Options…). If this option is grayed out, make sure to uncheck “Explode Composite and Complex Profile elements into parts” option.

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