IFC export fails with certain Railing types

by Dániel Alexander Kovács · updated: 06.27.2017

Affected version: 21 INT, USA, GER, AUT, FRA | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 230087

{i} Note: This issue is planned to be fixed within the first ARCHICAD 21 Update.


In case you place certain kinds of railings on slightly complex stairs (eg. L-shaped stair with winder), ARCHICAD may fail to create the IFC File during IFC Export. A scratch file is temporalily created during the export process, which seems to go through just fine, but the final IFC file will be missing.


You have to uncheck 2 boxes in the Translator’s Data Conversion Settings. Select the Translator you are using in the ‘File > Interoperability > IFC > IFC Translators…’ menu, and open the Data Conversion settings with the 3-dot button to Edit it’s settings. Uncheck the ‘Property-Type element parameters as IFC Properties’ and the ‘Quantity-Type element parameters as IFC Quantities’ checkboxes, and click OK. With these settings, your export should go through.

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