Missing Railing in hotlinks

by Verginia Pozneac · updated: 08.14.2017

Affected version: 21 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 229227


If a Railing is associated to a Hotlinked Element (in A.pln), it will work correctly in the file where it was created (in A.pln). In case that you place this file in another project as a Hotlink (in B.pln), the Railing will be missing.


Railing elements should not be associated to Hotlinked Elements, but currently it is possible. We do not recommend to use this workflow in the meantime, because it can lead to missing elements.


  • do not place associative Railings on Hotlinked Elements, use Static Railing instead
  • include the Railing in the 1.mod, instead of placing it in the A.pln.

{i} Note: We are planning to fix this issue in an upcoming ARCHICAD 21 update.

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