Warning at Hotlink update with nested IFC

by Verginia Pozneac · updated: 07.11.2017

Affected version: 21 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 229324


When you try to update a hotlinked module (with a nested IFC hotlinked into it) you might get this warning: ” Errors occurred during the “Hotlink Update” operation. All modules will remain unchanged.”


This situation usually occurs if you hotlink an IFC file into multiple projects, using the same IFC file like a hotlink and like a nested hotlink. In such situation you should be aware to have both files in the same working stage, both updated or both outdated.

This warning message usually happens in this workflow:

  1. Hotlink an IFC into project “A”
  2. Hotlink project “A” into  project “B”
  3. Hotlink the same IFC into project “B”
  4. Change and save IFC file
  5. Update project “A”, but do not update the hotlinked IFC in project “B”
  6. Update project “A” in project “B” –> the warning will appear

The same warning can appear if you update IFC in project “B” and do not update it in project “A”.


  • update project “A” and the hotlinked IFC at the same time in the “Hotlink Module Manager” (in project “B”)

{i} Note: We are planning to fix this issue in upcoming ARCHICAD 21 update.


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