Hotlinks – Troubleshooting Guide

by Judit Boros and GRAPHISOFT · updated: 12.22.2016 · RefID: 100374

File size increase due to drawings stored in the project


User experienced that a minor change to a placed module in a file caused  huge file increase after saving the file. User  also noticed that every save action will cause further file size growth.


When you place a Hotlink into the file, it is only stored once and is multiplied in the actual memory. However, it is not possible for drawings, they are multiplied in the files as many times as they appear on any of the Drawings.


It is suggested to open the Drawing Settings and untick ‘Store Drawings in Project file’.

not store drawings

This way, the file size has dropped to the original size. However, when you open a Layout for the first time, it has to be loaded, so it will be slower.

Hotlink Duplication

Affected version: 13 and newer | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 100374


In the Hotlink Manager, duplicated Hotlinked Modules are visible.



  • If two users place the same Hotlink file in TW from different platforms, this will duplicate the same path, as shown in Hotlink Manager picture above.


  • For example if the PC user places the Hotlink and then sends, and the Mac user receives and then places the same hotlink, the hotlink will be placed from the local copy created by the PC user.

If this problem arises, it is only necessary to relink the hotlinks.

{i} It is a better workflow to have only one person working with hotlinks at any time. More info on how hotlinks in Teamwork should be managed: Teamwork/ManageHotlink


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