BIMx files disappear with national characters on iOS 10.3

by Csaba Kézér · updated: 04.13.2017


After updating to iOS 10.3, BIMx Hyper-models that are updated or loaded to the iOS device disappear after you extract them in the model list. The issue is present only with those Hyper-models that have national characters in their name (éáöüí etc.). 3D only Models are not affected. Projects with national characters that were loaded previously to the device are not affected as long they are not updated.

bimx extract model


Apple released the newest update of iOS (10.3) recently which introduces the Apple File System (APFS). This new file system handles national characters differently than before, and unfortunately BIMx apps are not fully compatible with these new methods just yet.

When a Hyper-model is loaded to the device it is loaded as a container file that needs to be extracted before opening it. The issue occurs with the extraction process, as BIMx is not prepared to handle this in case of national characters with the new file system.


GRAPHISOFT released an Update to the iOS version of BIMx to address this issue.

With any issues or feedback you can contact us here.

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