ARCHICAD FastLogger Files

by Andrea Polgár-Veres and Márta Trón · updated: 11.23.2016

What is the FastLogger folder?

FastLogger is a folder created by ARCHICAD and related tools, in which binary log files are written while the program is running, in order to help with troubleshooting. The size of the folder will be a maximum of 100 MB. If you create a SupportPackage, it will also collect the content of the FastLogger folder.

What kind of information is recorded into the FastLogger folder?

  • User Interface operations
  • File and I/O operations
  • Memory usage and speed data
  • Data referring to causes of possible problems
  • Other developer information

ARCHICAD FastLogger folder location on different platforms/versions

/!\ It is required to close all ARCHICAD sessions before collecting the logs.

  • Windows:
    • C:\Users\<username>\Graphisoft\ARCHICAD-64 Log Folder\<ARCHICAD version>\FastLogger
  • macOS:
    • System drive/Users/<username>/Library/Logs/Graphisoft/ARCHICAD-64 Log Folder/<ARCHICAD version>/x86/FastLogger

{i} macOS: No Library Folder? The Library folder within the userhome folder is hidden by default. To browse to the ~/Library folder:

  • In Finder choose Go, Go To Folder
  • Type ~/Library
  • Click go to navigate to the Library folder
  • Or simply press option (alt) when the Go menu is open in Finder to show Library on the list

You can find the latest ARCHICAD System Requirements here.

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