Creating a Support Package

by István Moharos · updated: 01.12.2018

Applies to: ARCHICAD v21, v20, v19

What is a Support Package

Creating a Support Package may help the GRAPHISOFT Technical Support Team to more efficiently investigate an issue you experience with ARCHICAD. The package captures the current state of your project (Teamwork or solo PLN) and includes other diagnostic data which will help to troubleshoot the problem.

A Support Package should be created if a support person explicitly asks for it. Send it to your GRAPHISOFT support representative along with a description of the problem.

How to create a Support Package

  1. Reproduce the issue in ARCHICAD.
  2. Go to the Help menu > Create Support Package.
  3. Select the affected solo (PLN) or Teamwork project you want to capture.
    Create Support Package
  4. Select the package content to be sent.
    Default (Recommended) – Use this option if not instructed otherwise.
    Client only – This option excludes the logs and project data from the server and includes only the client side data. Use this option if the server cannot be accessed properly or if you need to limit the size of the package.
    Custom – Use the Package Content button to set the content of the package. The optional content differs for solo (PLN) and for Teamwork projects. Use this option only if you are instructed to do so.

    Package Content SoloPackage Content Teamwork
  5. Describe the nature of the issue in the Comment box.
  6. Hit Create and select a folder where you want to save the package to.

There will be two types of files created during the process.

In case of solo (PLN) projects:

  • project related files: <project name>.support
  • log files: <project name>

In case of Teamwork projects:

  • project related files: <BIMcloud/BIM Server name>[<project name>].twsupport
  • log files: <BIMcloud/BIM Server name>[<project name>]_LOG.twsupport

If any of the files are bigger than 100 MB, then ARCHICAD saves the package in 100 MB pieces and a number is added to the filename as a suffix. For example:

  • MyBIMcloud – BIMcloud 21[MyProject]_01.twsupport
  • MyBIMcloud – BIMcloud 21[MyProject]_02.twsupport
  • MyBIMcloud – BIMcloud 21[MyProject].twsupport
  • MyBIMcloud – BIMcloud 21[MyProject]_LOG_01.twsupport
  • MyBIMcloud – BIMcloud 21[MyProject]_LOG_02.twsupport
  • MyBIMcloud – BIMcloud 21[MyProject]_LOG.twsupport

What data is saved into the Support Package?

In case of solo (PLN) projects:

  • *.support files contain
    • The project file itself
    • Libraries used by the project (Not included by default)
    • Autosave files
    • Latest WorkEnvironment
  • * files contain

In case of Teamwork projects:

  • *.twsupport files contain
    • Local copy of the Teamwork project from the user’s local cache
    • Autosave files from the user’s local cache
    • Server side project data
    • Local copy of the libraries used by the project (Not included by default)
    • Latest WorkEnvironment
  • *_LOG.twsupport files contain
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