by Greg Kmethy, GRAPHISOFT and Boldizsar Vermes · updated: 12.27.2017

Starting with ARCHICAD 9, it is possible to submit Crash reports on-line to Graphisoft.


Click here if you want to read more about Graphisoft Bug Reporter at the Technotes area.

How to submit Crash Report

  • In case a crash occurs select Send Now… to connect Graphisoft for submitting the report file.
  • If the connection is succesful, your report will be submitted and you receive a Bug ID . Please keep this ID for later reference.

The Bug IDs are also stored in a text file called SubmissionLog.txt.

  • submitter.png


If you are Offline or the server is down, a warning will appear to notify you about the connection failure.

After hitting OK, you will be offered to save the report to your hard disk. In this case you can send the report later via e-mail to your local ARCHICAD provider .
Submitted reports will be analyzed to detect typical crashes, which will then be fixed in bug-fixing versions of ARCHICAD. If you require feedback about a crash report, you have two options:

  1. Submit crash reports via the automatic submitter, and then contact your ARCHICAD provider with the Bug ID.
  2. Select ‘Edit’ then fill in the form and save your report to your computer’s HD by selecting ‘Send later’ then send the report to your ARCHICAD provider manually.


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