Teamwork operations are slow

by István Moharos · updated: 10.24.2016

Related versions: v18 and newer

ARCHICAD users experience slow down or freeze during Teamwork operations (Send & Receive, Send, Receive, Reserve, Release) in teamwork projects.

The most common causes of slow teamwork operations: the backup schedule is not optimal, 3rd party applications slow down the communication, not enough hardware resources, network issues.

Troubleshooting process

  1. Check for updates

    Make sure that all ARCHICAD clients and BIMcloud / BIM Server components are updated to the latest build. GRAPHISOFT continues to optimize the program and some performance issues may be easily remedied by applying an update.

  2. Verify that the preferred physical network is used and disable wireless technology if it is also present

  3. Check the schedule of the built-in backups / snapshots in the BIMcloud / BIM Server Manager

    1. Open the BIMcloud / BIM Server Manager web user interface in a browser.
    2. Navigate to the Projects page.
    3. Select the projects/folders one by one and check the Backups / Snapshots panel.
    4. Make sure to schedule BIMProject backups / snapshots to run outside of working hours.
  4. Are there any antivirus, monitoring or backup applications installed on the server computer?

    1. In the settings of the above-listed applications add BIMcloud / BIM Server and its folders – including the Projects and Attachments folders – on the exclusion/exception list.
    2. Turn off any indexing applications on the server computer. These type of applications may use a lot of resources and it is not recommended to use them on server computers.
    3. Make sure to schedule 3rd party backups to run outside of working hours.
  5. Are there any antivirus, monitoring or backup applications installed on the client computer(s)?

    1. In the settings of the above-listed applications add ARCHICAD and its folders to the exclusion/exception list.
    2. Make sure to schedule 3rd backups to run outside of working hours.
  6. Are there any HTTP forward proxies in the network?

    Make sure to add BIMcloud / BIM Server address(es) to the bypass list.

  7. Is the server computer used only for BIMcloud / BIM Server or for a file server too?

    1. Check teamwork while the file server is not used.
    2. Use a dedicated disk (or if it is possible, a dedicated computer) for BIMcloud / BIM Server and another one for the file server.
    Please Note
    BIMcloud / BIM Server and a File Server are highly I/O intensive applications, that tend to regard the data storage as their own. If you host both on the same computer this could lead to conflict over resources resulting in neither application working efficiently.
  8. Check the performance on the server computer while ARCHICAD users experience the issue

    1. Make sure that the server computer meets the system requirements, see the Recommended Hardware for BIMcloud / BIM Server articles for further info.
    2. Open Task Manager (on Windows) or Activity Monitor (on macOS) on the server computer and check the CPU, memory, network usage and the disk load. Check if another application uses most of the resources or if the usage stays at 100% for a long period.
    3. Improve the hardware resources if necessary.
  9. Check the network infrastructure

    1. Make sure the driver of the network interface card is up-to-date in all related computers.
    2. Check network cabling (for example replace the cable or try another Ethernet port on the router).
    3. Try to copy a large file to the server computer through the network. If the speed fluctuates then it can refer to a faulty network interface card.
  10. Contact your local GRAPHISOFT support representative

    During the investigation ARCHICAD FastLogger files and BIMcloud / BIM Server log files might be necessary.

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