Error: “Your client is not compatible with the BIMcloud Server”

by István Moharos · updated: 09.01.2016

Related versions: v18 and newer

When an ARCHICAD user attempts to Open / Share a project or Send & Receive in a teamwork project, the operation fails with the above error message.

This error might indicate that the user does not have a compatible ARCHICAD version with BIMcloud / BIM Server.

Troubleshooting checklist

  1. Check for updates

    Make sure that all ARCHICAD clients and BIMcloud / BIM Server components are updated to the latest build.

  2. Check the Network Diagnostic Tool

    1. Run the Network Diagnostic Tool either from the Open / Join dialog or from the Teamwork Palette.
    2. The Network Diagnostic Tool may provide further information and/or instructions about the issue.
    3. Make sure that BIMcloud / BIM Server is fully accessible.
  3. Contact your local GRAPHISOFT support representative

    During the investigation ARCHICAD FastLogger files might be necessary. See the ARCHICAD FastLogger Files article for the location.

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