Error: “Cannot access the project because it is being used by another process”

by István Moharos · updated: 09.28.2016

Related versions: v18 and newer

When an ARCHICAD user attempts to share a project or open an existing Teamwork project, the operation fails with the error message as above.

This error might indicate that the user does not have the necessary permissions to a file or folder.

Troubleshooting process

  1. Check for updates

    Make sure that all ARCHICAD clients and BIMcloud / BIM Server components are updated to the latest build.

  2. Clean up “.lck” files if they exist

    1. Close all running ARCHICAD instances.
    2. In case a file with .lck extension exists next to the project – which could not be shared – delete it.
  3. Check the permissions of the Graphisoft folder and its subfolders

    1.  Make sure that the affected user has full access to the following folder and its subfolders:
      • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Graphisoft\
      • macOS: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/
    2. If the path of the Local Data folder has been reconfigured, make sure that the affected user has full access to that folder as well. Default locations:
      • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Graphisoft\TW Data\
      • macOS: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/TW Data/
  4. Attempt to leave all Teamwork projects.

    1. Open all teamwork projects, that are in joined state on the affected computer using the user account in question.
    2. Send & Receive.
    3. Leave the projects (Teamwork menu > Project > Leave Teamwork Project).
  5. Delete the Local Data with the Local Data Manager

    1. Launch ARCHICAD.
    2. Open the Local Data Manager from the Teamwork > Projects menu.
    3. Select and delete the projects and libraries one by one.
    Please Note
    Local Data deletion will require the user to rejoin the projects and all unsent changes will be lost. Try to leave all joined projects before attempting to delete their Local Data.
  6. Delete the affected user’s TWDataOptions.xml file which contains the Local Data folder path

    1. Close all running ARCHICAD.
    2. Delete the TWDataOptions.xml file. Locations:
      • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Graphisoft\TW Data\TWDataOptions.xml
      • macOS: System drive/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/TW Data/TWDataOptions.xml
    3. Launch ARCHICAD.
    Please Note
    Deleting the TWDataOptions.xml file will restore the default path settings of the Local Data folder.
  7. Contact your local GRAPHISOFT support representative

    During the investigation ARCHICAD FastLogger files might be necessary. See the ARCHICAD FastLogger Files article for the location.

  8. Re-install ARCHICAD

    1. Uninstall ARCHICAD. If there are more versions installed on the computer, make sure to uninstall all of them.
    2. Delete the user’s own Graphisoft folder:
      • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Graphisoft\
      • macOS: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/
    3. Re-install ARCHICAD.
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