BIMcloud Manager sends repeated emails about license expiration

by István Moharos and Marton Kiss · updated: 12.04.2017

Affected versions: BIMcloud Manager version 21 and version 20 build 6022


BIMcloud Manager sends email warnings 30, 15, 8, 3 and 1 days before license expiration.

Due to an error, such email messages may be sent every 6 minutes on the respective days.

Workaround – Disable SMTP settings

Email messaging can be turned off completely by disabling the STMP server in BIMcloud Manager.

  • Go to BIMcloud Manager’s web interface » Servers » BIMcloud Manager » Settings » Email preferences
  • Edit
  • Change the server to something that does not offer SMTP services (the address is a mandatory field)

Note, that several functions rely on these settings, as a result these will not be available as long as the SMTP settings are disabled. (email based password reset, notification about high resource load, message users from BIMcloud Manager)

Workaround – Limit the number of administrative accounts receiving emails

These email messages are intended to be sent to users who administer the BIMcloud. Depending on the Management Role settings used (BIMcloud Manager’s web interface » Servers » BIMcloud Manager » Settings » General Settings » Management Roles) the following users receive these messages:

  • Simplified Management Roles: Server Administrators
  • Detailed Management Roles:  Those users who have Manage licenses Permission for BIMcloud Manager

Opting out from these groups/roles can help to avoid receiving these messages until a fix is released.

Note, that the masteradmin users will always have full administrative rights and can be used to manage BIMcloud.


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