How to repair the BIM Server

by István Moharos and Noémi Balogh · updated: 06.09.2017

Related versions: v18 and newer

When BIM Server is not running properly because of missing or corrupted program files, or in case of cosmetic issues, it is easier to repair the BIM Server than to setup the whole environment again.

You can start the repairing process by running the original installer of the affected BIM Server. Although the program files will be set to default, all the data files, like configuration settings, project and library data, users and permissions will NOT be affected.

  1. Run the original BIM Server installer

    The installer detects the installed BIM Server versions on the computer and offers the repairing process if the affected version is installed.
    GRAPHISOFT BIM Server installer detected that this version of BIM Server is already installed

  2. Warning about BIM Server updates

    The repairing process will remove any update and restore the program to its original state.
    The installation you are Repairing has been updated with BIM Server Update

  3. Repairing Summary

    Repairing summary

  4. Complete the repairing process

    Finish the repairing process

After the repairing process, you also have to re-update the BIM Server to be able to use your projects.

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