BIM Server 19 Install Troubleshooting Guide

by Ákos Karóczkai · updated: 06.14.2015

Quiting the BIM Server 19 installer before Configuring results unusable server


If during the installation of BIM Server 19 INT, USA, UKI, AUS, GER, AUT versions, one closes the installer before configuring the installed server, the server will be unsusable both on Windows and Mac platforms.

Starting the installer once again in order to configure the server results in an error message stating that a BIMcloud or BIMcloud Studio is installed.


The installation/registration information of BIM Server 19 are different than BIM Server 18 and the issue is in the detection of these information.


To be able to use the BIM Server, it has to be uninstalled and reinstalled and configured without interruption.

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