Inconsistent Library Objects may be placed with the Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Live connection Add-on

by Ákos Karóczkai · updated: 01.05.2017

Affected version: 18,19 and 20| Severity: no workaround applicable | ID: 219907

Issue: If contradictory information is given as parameter inputs for Library Elements in Grasshopper then objects may be placed differently as expected. The most common phenomenon that you may experience is that Objects are not updated when a parameter is changed in Grasshopper. In case of Doors/Windows the settings dialog can misbehave when trying to edit the elements manually.

Cause: ARCHICAD Library objects contain parameters that affect or control each other, while all participants of these hierarchical parameters can be defined from Grasshopper. Since the parameter script of these objects cannot be run (due to technological limitations) if they were placed from Grasshopper via the Live connection Add-on, then the Library object’s contradictory parameters cannot be fixed by the parameter script.

Example: A window’s width is set up to 3 meters and its wall hole width is to 1 meter. This is a logically flawed setup and the window in ARCHICAD will be incorrect.


Workaround for Door/Window Settings Dialog misbehavior: Setting up Favorites in ARCHICAD and using them in Grasshopper as Door/Window settings inputs solves the Settings Dialog misbehavior issue.

Recommendation: Modifying Library Object parameters from Grasshopper is not recommended in order to keep the consistency of the ARCHICAD project. Fixing already inconsistent Library Objects is not possible in ARCHICAD, it is recommended to delete such objects.

{i} Note: We plan to fix this issue in an upcoming Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Live connection version.

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