Floor plan display settings of stairs disappear in Update 5010

by Tamás Gáspár · updated: 01.12.2018

Affected version: ARCHICAD 21 – 5010 | ID: 239536

Depending on the used template, stairs created in ARCHICAD 21 – 4022 or earlier versions, may become corrupted after updating to ARCHICAD 21 Update 5010.

Based on the reports, this issue can have different symptoms, which can occur alone or together as well:

  • Stairs may become invisible on floor plan
  • Parts of stairs may become invisible
  • Sub elements of stairs may become uneditable
  • Unrelated GDL objects may appear as available sub elements for stairs

Currently GRAPHISOFT is actively investigating this problem and strongly advises against upgrading to ARCHICAD 21 Update 5010.

For those customers who have already updated to build 5010, we recommend that they continue using build 5010, because rolling back to build 4022 may result in crashes.

Currently re-creating the affected stairs is the only workaround we are aware of.


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