GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud: integrated team messaging from your mobile device

by Brieuc Tassel and Csaba Kézér · updated: 08.02.2016

Building-related communication between the designer/builder team can be fragmented. Using email or phone to make comments is cumbersome and separates the information from the model. That is why GRAPHISOFT developed a solution to involve the builder team directly in the BIM project collaboration by making communication possible from BIMx with sending direct feedback in the context of the model.

{i} This workflow requires an up-to-date ARCHICAD Teamwork project running on GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud solution and an Android/iOS device with the latest BIMx update:

Join into the BIMcloud project to get BIMx PRO functionsBIMcloud_BIMx process

After the BIMcloud project has been published to BIMx PRO builders will see an option where they can join into the project as team members from their Android/iOS device.

Once joined in BIM users get all PRO functions for that project.

  • The same username & password can be used as rom ARCHICAD.
  • Joining in with the same user in BIMx will not log you out from the ARCHICAD project.
  • Using ARCHICAD and BIMx with the same user account requires only one BCU (BIMcloud User license) from the BIMcloud

Send messages and photos from BIMx

After logging in, a mail icon appears at the top right corner in the 2D and 3D views. By tapping it the messages panel comes up where you can send text messages to other team members through BIMcloud’s messaging interface. With using the attachment button you can include a 2D/3D view of the model or you can shoot a photo on the construction site that you want to directly send back to the ARCHICAD team:join into BIMcloud project from BIMx

ARCHICAD users will see these messages the same way as if an other ARCHICAD team member would have sent them. If a 3D view of the model was attached to the message its view can be applied at the receiver’s end; this helps specifying the area you would like to comment on and therefore it makes communication within the project clear, easy and fast for both parties. On the Teamwork messaging panel it’s also visible whether somebody is joined into the project from mobile or from ARCHICAD.

Mark up screen captures and camera images in the message

Attached 2D/3D views of the BIMx file and camera photos can also be marked up for better understanding. Use the free hand redlining tool to annotate these images:

annotate pictures with free hand redlining in BIMx BIMcloud communication

From ARCHICAD to BIMx / BIMcloud collaboration

The below animation goes through the ARCHICAD, BIMx, BIMcloud workflow, from the BIMx publication in ARCHICAD to the collaboration using BIMcloud.

BIMx_BIMcloud connection

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