Hotlinked Modules

by GRAPHISOFT, Katica Avvakumovits and Katalin Götz · updated: 10.03.2012


For general information, see About Hotlinked Modules in ARCHICAD Help.

Hotlink.png Hotlinked Modules allow you to insert the contents of external ARCHICAD files (sources) into the currently open Project (host).Hotlinked Modules can be used, for example, to manage the repetitive structures of buildings such as hotels or offices with a large number of identical rooms: if rooms are placed as a hotlinked module file, you can modify all the rooms in one step, by just updating the module’s source file.Moreover, the same structures can be used in multiple projects. This is also a good way to subdivide large projects into easier-to-handle smaller files.

Source File of a Module can be
  • Solo ARCHICAD Project File
  • Teamwork Project
  • Module-type file (*.mod)
Save and Place Module File
  • Linked Library Parts: Placing a Module does not import any of its linked Library Parts. Make sure that the Library Parts used by the source are also available to the host, by doing one of the following: Use the same Libraries for both source and host and add the source’s Libraries to the host file’s libraries.
  • Embedded Library Parts: Placing a module will add the source file’s entire Embedded library to your host file’s embedded library. The newly added Embedded library can be seen in your Library Manager, inside the automatically created “Hotlinks” folder of your Embedded library. In this folder, each hotlink source file is listed separately along with all of their embedded objects. These objects will be updated in your host project if they are updated in the source project.
  • Pen Colors: The settings of the current Project will be applied to the Module.
  • Materials, Line Types, Fill Types and Composites: If the elements of the Hotlinked Module use attributes that have the same names as those of the current Project, they will use the attributes of the host file. If no material, line type, fill type or composite of that name exists, new attributes will be added to the host file. However, once an attribute is part of the host file, that attribute will not be updated by any modifications to the same attribute in the source file.
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