How to match an ARCHICAD custom shape linetype in AutoCAD and at exporting to DWG

by GRAPHISOFT, Katalin Götz and Andor Szőke · updated: 05.24.2011

Currently if a custom shaped linetype is exported to AutoCAD, ARCHICAD will create a linetype that has all the segments of the linetype in one shape definition. The disadvantage of this is first that in case of polylines AutoCAD will display the shape in a kind of unpredictable starting position, the second is that if the polyline or line segment is shorter than one segment of the special shape, then it will not display anything even if one or more arcs of the shape would fit into that segment.

By default

With matched AutoCAD linetypes

This example describes the export of ARCHICAD’s built-in “X” linetype to DWG, but the same steps can be used for every symbol linetypes.

Step 1. Create custom AutoCAD Linetype

At first step the same (or similar) linetype should be created in AutoCAD which can be the used ARCHICAD linetype convert to.

  • Open a text editor program that saves in ASCII format (for example, Notepad)
  • Paste the following rows which means the description of a continuous line with X signes:

    *X_LINE,X ----X----X----X----X----X----X--
  • Save this file to *.lin (AutoCAD linetype) format, e.g. X_line.lin

Note: the default AutoCAD linetypes are stored in “acad.lin” or “acadiso.lin” Linetype Definition files (e.g. C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2010\R18.0\enu\Support), the linetype definition can also be pasted into these files as in our example.

Step 2. Load the created linetype and save to DWG

  • 005_xLine2.png

  • In AutoCAD open Linetype Manager and load the created or the modified (acad or acadiso) .lin file. The new “X_LINE” linetype will appear in the Linetype list.

  • Click OK.

This linetype can be applied to existing lines in AutoCAD or it can be used as a template file.

  • Save the file as DWG.

Step 3. Set Linetype-conversion option in ARCHICAD


  • 007_LineTypeConversion.png

  • Open DXF-DWG Translation Setup dialog in ARCHICAD.

  • Load the saved DWG as Template File under Save Options. It contains all Attributes information which ease you to set the conversion options.
  • And under Attributes/ Line types/ Linetype-linetype conversion match ARCHICAD and AutoCAD line types.

  • Save Translator Settings and Close the dialog
  • Save your ARCHICAD project to DWG. ARCHICAD’s linetypes will appear with the matched line style in AutoCAD.

Note: the scale between Model and Layout view may differ in AutoCAD. It can be set with the correct LTSCALE and PSLTSCALE settings in AutoCAD.

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