Global Illumination, Background and Gallery Options for BIMx Export in ARCHICAD 20 & 21

by Emőke Csikós · updated: 01.26.2018

When publishing your BIMx Hyper-model you can set various options:

  • Global illumination
  • Background
  • Saving camera positions as gallery items
  • Movie creation
  • Limiting navigation

See more details about these options here.



In ARCHICAD 19 these options are available at

  • File > Save As (format: .bimx)
  • Organizer-Publisher / Navigator

In ARCHICAD 20 these options are available at

  • File > Publish BIMx Hyper-model
  • Organizer-Publisher / Navigator




  • In ARCHICAD 20 the File > Save as command cannot be used for exporting BIMx Hyper-models any more.
  • The Gallery options are only available after placing cameras in the project and adding their path to the Publisher Set.



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