Share the best of your models on social media sites directly from BIMx mobile

by Brieuc Tassel and Dániel Alexander Kovács · updated: 02.14.2017

BIMx allows you to share the best of your Hyper-models on media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer, …) directly from the model itself.

You have different options for sharing the views of your Hyper-model with friends or business partners:

  • as an interactive panoramic 360 Photo on your Facebook profile
  • as a Tweet or a LinkedIn update, with embedded camera view, directly from the BIMx model (static image from 2D or 3D view)
  • or using any other sharing methods (email, iMessage, Messenger, Viber, Yammer, etc) for which you have installed the appropriate app (static image from 2D or 3D view)

Tapping the share icon within your model gives you the list of platforms on which the views of your model can be sent.



  • BIMx Versions: 2017.1.662 or higher (iOS) – 2017.1.682 or higher (Android)
  • iOS 8.0 or higher
  • Android 4.4 or higher (Android 5.0 or higher is required for the Facebook 360 feature)
  • Built-in gyroscope (Required for Facebook 360 feature)

Sharing options

Full BIMx model

  • AirDrop

AirDrop on iOS gives you the option to share the entire BIMx file between iOS/macOS devices (*.bimx), simply enable the feature and quickly share your BIMx file with your colleagues or partners.

  1. Open the BIMx file you would like to share
  2. Press Share
  3. Select the device in range you would like to send the Hyper-model to
  4. Wait for the application to start the transfer (ask the recipient to accept the transfer if prompted)
  5. Completion on the sender’s device will be marked under the device’s name (One model can be sent to multiple devices at the same time)
  6. Completion on the recipient device will be displayed with a AirDrop pop-up on macOS and with a pop-up asking how the file should be opened on iOS
  • Google Drive

Share your BIMx Hyper-model (*.bimx) using your Google Drive account, once shared simply send the download link to your partners, or grant them access to the file, so they can simply access it straight from their BIMx mobile app.

  1. Open the BIMx file you would like to share
  2. Press Share
  3. Select Google Drive
  4. Select the account/folder in which you would like to upload the model
  5. Press Upload
  6. Once completed the BIMx file will be visible under the chosen folder in your Google Drive

The below animation combines both AirDrop and Google Drive sharing, presented one after each other in this order:

BIMx_File sharing

Camera views

  • Social Media

Twitter, Facebook*, LinkedIn, and all your favourite sharing methods apps can be added into this list, simply swipe to the end of the row and press More to add apps that are installed on your mobile device. Except Facebook creating a 360° image of your 3D model, all other applications will create a static image of your view.

*Publishing a 3D view to Facebook will create an interactive 360° image, publishing from a layout or from the Hyper-model index will create a standard static image. (See detailed explanations further down)

System options on iOS

Save Image, Copy, Print (AirPrint – PRO feature)

Sharing Options _ BIMx

Facebook 360

Use the Facebook extension to share a 360° view of your project, from the 3D model simply press Share – Facebook, you will be prompted with the usual Facebook post pop-up window, select the audience, the text content of the post and press Post. Once published the picture will appear as an interactive 360° picture in your profile (Publishing directly to Pages is not possible), your friends or business partners will be able to check the selected view as you see it in BIMx.

  • Select the view you want to share
  • Press the Share button in BIMx
  • A Facebook post window will open up with the 360° flattened view you selected – Make sure this view matches the one you have in mind for sharing
  • Pressing Post will generate the interactive view
  • Once published you can view your building from every angle: above, behind and next to you. Look around your building by moving your phone (built-in gyroscope), or by dragging your finger
  • How to disable a 360° interactive picture from a desktop computer (It will then be displayed as a static 360° picture)

Please see Facebook 360 Photos official page for further information and FAQs.

Facebook_sharing_BIMx mobile

{i} Note: The last 360° panoramic picture is always stored in the BIMx folder as a  flattened High Definition JPG (BIMxPanorama.jpg)


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