How to delete BIMx models from your iOS device

by Csaba Kézér · updated: 12.07.2016

When your iPhone or iPad device is filled up with BIMx models you might want to clean up a bit by erasing the old, unused ones. You have two options to delete models from your BIMx app:

Method 1 – Use swipe-delete in BIMx

In the Models List swipe to the left with your finger on the model you want to erase, then tap on the appearing Delete button:


Method 2 – Erase models with iTunes

Alternatively you can delete models with your laptop/desktop machine via iTunes:

  1. Connect the iOS device to the machine with a cable.
  2. In iTunes click on the appearing button with the device’s name.
  3. Choose the Apps tab and scroll down to File Sharing.
  4. Select BIMx/BIMx PRO from the list.
  5. Select the model you want to erase and hit Backspace (on Mac) or Delete (on Windows).
  6. Click Delete button on the appearing pop-up.



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