Add hyperlinks for all 3D elements in the Custom Info

by Csaba Kézér and Brieuc Tassel · updated: 10.17.2016

From ARCHICAD 19 you can customize what element information is exported to a BIMx Hyper-model. Previously you could add custom information to Library elements only. The real benefit in configuring Custom Info is to control what parameters to show, what to hide and connect it to the web by adding any number of hyperlinks for any 3D element.

Adjust the Info Set pop‐up for the Publisher

To be able to define hyperlinks for your 3D elements choose Categories and Properties or a Schedule as your Info Set in the BIMx Publisher Set Properties dialog.

AC20 - Publisher

Define hyperlinks using Property Manager

If you choose Categories and Properties you can define custom info for each element using the Property Manager, it will allow you to create or import sets of properties and make them available for the Element Classifications of your choice. Once created and associated those properties will be visible under the Settings dialog of the element. All parameters in Categories and Properties will be exported and listed as the element’s custom info in BIMx.

As you can see below, if you add Manufacturing information for a specific element in Property Manager, these properties are visible in the Object Selection Settings, and then exported with the Categories and Properties in BIMx.

  • Property Manager
  • Object Selection Settings
  • BIMx – Element Info

Property Manager (BIMx article)


BIMx - Object properties

Define hyperlinks in Schedules

You can opt for pulling the data from an Interactive Schedule instead of Categories and Properties. Create a schedule that contains the necessary parameters for all 3D elements you would like to add Element Info to. This Schedule will most likely contain many parameters but BIMx smartly detects the relevant parameters for each element and shows only those. Besides adding the basic measuring and info parameters you can define custom texts as well that can be used for adding hyperlinks to the project:

add hyperlink as custom info in schedules

View the exported Element Info in BIMx

Open the exported BIMx Hyper-model in BIMx to see what the resulted Element Info looks like there.

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