Parametric Profiles – Schematic design variations

by Szabolcs Mikó · updated: 06.14.2018

We’re famous for having Tools which can be use for more then their original function. Profiles are used in Walls, Beams and Columns to create custom elements tailored to the project. Use the parametric profiles to create design alternatives using only one complex profile. This feature is available from ARCHICAD 22.

Combining the use of custom parameters with a schematic section, can help during the design faze, to create quickly adjustable alternatives to GDL objects.

Set up the profile

This particular example covers a schematic kitchen cabinet, created in the profile editor, with some of the edges set to be customisable. Follow our other articles how to create customisable skins and edit multiple edges with the same modifiers.

Modifiable parts in this example:

  • work surface thickness and length
  • wall tiling
  • top cabinet shelfs and depth
  • bottom cabinet footing
Place and edit

In this example we used the profile as a wall, which then can be placed in floor plan or a 3D view.

  • Select the element to highlight the modifiable edges
  • drag the lines in 3D or edit an exact value using the Tracker
  • create design vatiations

Use the Element Transfer to distribute design variations

The Element Transfer Setting now include the Offset Modifiers as an optional Setting for Wall, Beam and Column elements.

You can set up and save new Element Transfer Settings to use to spread variations across the project easily.

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