Parametric Profiles – Pointers how to manage your modifiers

by Szabolcs Mikó · updated: 06.14.2018

With parametric profiles being introduced in ARCHICAD 22, came new attributes to manage, the offset modifiers. With the help of the Modifiers you can create more intelligent Profiles for Walls, Beams and Columns, by defining the edges parametrically in the Profile Editor.
This will allow offset or control of individual (or multiple) edges, at the instance level, either graphically or via element settings.

Managing them is simple, but it’s good to help some pointers that can help us on the way:

How do we name our modifiers?

Profiles can be used for many purposes and as ARCHICAD users, we do. Gutters, detailed wall footings and lintels etc. all can be designed and improved with the use of profiles. Adding modifiers to the picture can cause a little confusion. What name should I use for a modifier that describes the heigh value of a flashing?

We recommend using a pre-fix or a sub-fix type of naming standard, so that you can differentiate the different modifier values from each other.

How to save modifiers?

We can create as many modifiers as we like, but if they are unassigned, they get the deleted once the profile is saved, keeping the profiles clean. In case the modifier was used in a different profile as well, it will only be deleted from the one where it wasn’t assigned to anything.

During editing, exclamation mark is visible, indicating that the modifier is not in use.

Hitting the Save button without assigning it to anything will show a pop-up message, reminding you that the modifier will be deleted from the profile.

How to avoid duplicates?

It is possible to use the same modifiers in more then one Complex Profile. With a naming convention and a consistent use of modifiers it can save time and effort, making the profiles less heavy.

When adding a new modifier to the profile, you can choose from the list of existing modifiers


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