Parametric Profiles – Wall with offsetable skins

by Szabolcs Mikó · updated: 06.14.2018

A Wall element can be a simple wall and it can also use composites or profiles. Composite structures can be used with Shell, Roof and Slab elements as well, can have up to 48 skins with individual skin separator lines

However, since with ARCHICAD 22 complex profiles with the new modifiers can come in hand in situations where we would like to use something flexible, needing to quickly change the width of layers through multiple elements using the same materials.


How to design the skins?

The Profile Manager by default is accessible under Options/Element Attributes/Profile Manager or Options/Complex Profiles/Profile Manager

  • create the skins out of fills
  • assign the preferred Building Materials

How to add modifiers?

One Offset Dimension of a Modifier can be linked to multiple edges, even edges of different fills. Adding both of the overlapping edges, the offset value will adjust them together.

Since these edges will move as one, we can use either as a reference point for the modifier of the next skin.

Use the Tab key to switch between two edges, make sure you are adding the edge you intend to.

  • make it stretchable, use the Height Stretch option to link the Wall element to a Story
How to adjust the values?

To edit in 3D:

  • select the element and then the edge
  • drag the edge by using the Offset Edge command from the Pet Palette (use the tracker to enter exact values)

It is also possible to edit the values in the Setting dialog of the element, under the Profile Offset Modifiers tab, where all the used modifiers will be listed.


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