Stair Tool Basics – Stair Turning and Segment types

by Verginia Pozneac and Dániel Alexander Kovács · updated: 01.30.2018

Turning stairs can be constructed in 2 different methods: using turning type method or segment type method. Let’s have a quick look at the main aspects of those two types.

Turning Type

Turning type can be used in 3 ways:

  • Landing
  • Winder with Equal Angles
  • Winder with Equal Goings

LandingWinder with Equal AnglesWinder with Equal Goings

You can change the Turning Type from the Settings dialog / infobox as well, as long as your stair only has one type of turnings. If you have different turning types in a single stair (eg. a winder and a landing), you can change the settings of each turning separately, if you click on the corner node, and select Turning Type Options from the Pet Palette.

{i} Note: In the USA version of ARCHICAD, “Goings” are known as “Runs”.

You can find more details about Stair turning types here.

Segment Type

Segment type method is composed of segments which can be defined during the input or afterwards.

There can be several options combining segment types:

Segment types

You can find more information about Stair segment types here.


The changes which you would like to make afterwards can be done by dragging different parts of the stair.

To change the Turning Type of the Stairs you have to click the corner.

To change the Segment Type of the Stairs you have to click the Reference Line of the Stairs.

Edit Turning TypeEdit Segment Type

For more information about how Stair Turning and Segment types work, read the following guides about how to use them to create Stairs with Equal Angle winders and Stairs with Equal Going/Run winders.

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