Stair Tool Basics – U-shape Stair with equal flights

by Andrea Polgár-Veres · updated: 07.04.2017

Let’s place a U-shape stair:

  • Activate the Stair Tool.
  • Open the ‘Stair Default Settings’ and make sure that the following settings are used (Story height: 3000 mm):
  • Click ok.
  • Click on the floor plan to begin inputting the Stair.
  • Start drawing the stair and do a click when you about finishing the first flight (the ghost feedback helps you in that).
  • Select the ‘Landing’ from the Pet Palette. Move the cursor into a horizontal position.
  • Do a click when you satisfied with the length of Landing.
  • Now select the ‘Flight’ icon from the Pet Palette and do a turn.
  • With a double click finish the Stair.

Let’s make the flights equal:

  • Two buttons of the Pet Palette can be used for that purpose:
    • ‘Rearrange Steps’
    • ‘Stretch’
Rearrange Steps Stretch


  • Both options will appear if you select the Stair and you click on the hotspot of the Baseline (blue line).
  • Select the ‘Rearrange Steps’ from the Pet Palette and stretch the flight until both flights having the same number of steps (follow the ghost feedback).
  • Click on the endpoint of the Baseline (of the shorter flight) then select the ‘Stretch’ command from the Pet Palette.
  • Stretch the flight until it gets the same length as the other flight (use the Snap Guides for help).

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