Stair Tool basics – Automatic Landing

by Gordana Radonić · updated: 08.11.2017
The new Stair Tool has the feature to add landing automatically during creation of the stair. Landing length can be defined in the Stair Settings under Rules & Standards:
Automatic landing can be placed with one click during Stair creation.

  • Start with creating a stair.
  • After desired tread number click once to place automatic landing.
  • Move cursor towards stair ending.
  • Finish stair creation with double click.

Landing will have the exact length value from the settings which can be defined with value in model units or with number of goings.

Automatic landing can be placed on the existing stair if new node is added on its baseline side.

  • Select the stair.
  • Click on its baseline marked with blue colour.
  • Choose ‘Insert new node’ from the Pet Palette.
  • Click on the same spot.

Same steps are applicable in 3D View as well.

Check the ARCHICAD YouTube Channel for tutorials about the Railing Tool and the Stair Tool.

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