Relocate Projects Placed far from the Project Origin

by GRAPHISOFT and Márta Trón · updated: 04.01.2011

See also: FarFromOrigin

You can experience loss of precision or malfunction if the Project is located very far from the ARCHICAD Project Origin, e.g. according to standards in certain countries or while importing DWG.
From the nature of floating point number representation point coordinates near the origin is different in comparison to those far from the origin.


In order to relocate the project back to the ARCHICAD Origin follow the steps below:

Step 1: Set all the Layers

Set all the Layers and Renovation Filters to Show and Unlock. Elements locked by Lock command can be unlocked in Edit menu/Locking.

Step 2: Show Absolute Coordinates

Check the Coordinate Palette if relative coordinates are displayed, if yes switch this button off to show absolute coordinates.


Step 3: Return the Origin

Double click on User Origin button on Coordinate Palette to return the origin to the Project Origin.

Step 4: Place a New Hotspot

Place a new hotspot at the project origin by typing the coordinates x=0, y=0.

Step 5: Fit in Window

Click on the command Fit in window in the Display menu. The project and hotspot together with the project origin should appear in two different corners of the screen. You can check it with Select All (ctrl+A) command.

Step 6: Select All Stories

Use the bold Marquee to frame the project and use Edit/Select all command, so all the stories become selected.

Step 7: Drag the Project

Drag the project to the project origin.

By using Fit in window the project will be adjusted to the screen.

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