Railing Tool Basics – Pattern Distribution Settings

by Andrea Polgár-Veres · updated: 07.11.2017


In the Railing Tool settings a Pattern can be defined. Toprail, Handrail, Rails, Inner Posts, Balusters, Panels can be added to the Pattern, which can be repeated within the Railing Segment. This article describes the distribution logic of the Pattern.


  • The Pattern distribution related settings can be found under Segment/Segment Pattern Settings.
  • Use these controls to define how to distribute the Pattern within the Railing Segment.
  • Segment is the part of the Railing between two Nodes.
  • Posts are located at each Node.
  • A Segment has its own settings, which include the Railing Pattern and Segment Height.
  • Pattern distribution related settings affect the pattern within a Segment. The Pattern stops at Nodes and starts again in the next Segment. (To continue the pattern over multiple Segments the Pattern Continuity setting (at Node Settings) should be used.

To see how to place an Associative Railing, click here.

Segment Pattern Settings

Divide Segment into Divisions

You can define how many Patterns’should be placed in one Segment. In this example one Segment consists of 2 divisions (Patterns).


Equally Distribute Pattern

You can define the maximum length of a Pattern. Based on that parameter the algorithm equally distributes the pattern along the Segment. The Pattern is not cut off at the end of the Segment, it is stretched.


Fixed Pattern Length – Start with Pattern

Pattern length which is defined by the distance between the Inner Posts is applied. A Segment is started with Pattern having the fixed length, the next Pattern can be shorter due to the length of the Segment. The pattern will be cut off at the end of the Segment. With this option, the pattern is not stretched.


Fixed Pattern Length – Start from Center

Distribution is started from the Center of the Segment.

Fixed Pattern Length – Align To Center

Pattern is placed in the middle of a Segment and the distribution is started from the Pattern in the middle, in both directions.

Fixed Pattern Length – End with Pattern

Pattern length which is defined by the distance between the Inner Posts is applied. A Segment is ended with Pattern having the fixed length.

Set Pattern Length to number of treads

Pattern is distributed based the number of Treads are defined in this dialog. It works with associated Stairs only. Position related settings (‘Start with Pattern, ‘Align to Center’ etc.) affect.


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