The New Stair and Railing Tool

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Stair Tool

Winder Types in ARCHICAD

There are four different methods available to construct a Winder with Equal Goings (that is, all goings in the Stair are equal, both on the straight and the winding steps):…

Stair Tool

The all-new Stair Tool lets you create, design and efficiently document any typical or unique Stair, at any design scale. The Stair Tool …

Migrating Stairs

The StairMaker Add-on is no longer supported in ARCHICAD 21.
StairMaker Stairs from older-version projects are converted into GDL Stair-type …


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About the Stair Tool

Use the Stair Tool to design and document any typical or unique Stair, up to 1:50 design scale.
Input is available on the Floor Plan and in the …

Stair Input

Basic Stair Input
To get a feel for the new Stair Tool, start placing Stairs in the plan using the default settings, or one of the Stair …

Stair Turning Type

As a rule, set the Stair’s Turning Type (Landing or a Winder) in Stair Settings, and define its options. The selected Turning Type is placed …

Stair Segment Type

A Stair segment can be defined as Flight, Landing, or one of two Winder types.
When you start inputting a Stair, the default segment is always …

Stair Tool Edit Mode

Use the Edit mode of the Stair tool to access and edit any one or more Stair components: Treads, Risers, and Structures.
Note: You can edit the …

Beam Flight Structure

These settings are available if you chose a Beam Structure type for the Flight.
See Choose Structure Type.
Beam Structures are GDL elements: …

Split Stair Structure

Use this function to obtain multiple Structure types for a single Stair flight.
This command is available in Edit mode, in the 3D window only:

Stair Tool Basics – Spiral Stair

There are two ways to create a spiral stair using the new Stair Tool: using the Magic Wand using the ‘Arc by Centerpoint’ command from the Pet Palette during the…

Stair Tool Basics – Custom Tread

It is possible to save elements as Library Object which can be used as custom Treads. Any ARCHICAD element can be turned into a custom Tread Library Object. This article…

Railing Tool

Railing Tool

The Railing Tool lets you create any typical or unique Railing, which is a 3D building element. A Railing can be associative to the …


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About the Railing Tool

The Railing Tool lets you create any typical or unique Railing, which is a 3D building element. A Railing can be associative to the following 3D …

Place Associative Railing

By default, a new Railing is set to be associative to another model element. ARCHICAD Railings can be associative to one or more Stairs, Slabs, …

Railing Reference Line

View Railing Reference Line
To see the Reference Line on the Floor Plan: Turn on View > On-Screen View Options > Railing Reference …

Railing Settings: Overview

Click the Railing Tool icon to open its main Settings page, whose left side displays a detailed tree.
Each control of this main page …

Post Component Settings

This panel is available in the Settings dialogs of all Post-type Railing components: Posts, Inner Posts and Balusters.
Available controls depend …

Post Settings (Railing Tool)

From the popup, choose a GDL component to be placed as a Post at each Node of the Railing, or choose Invisible from the pop-up (if you do …